$5 Rate Change Effective March 1

Feb 6, 2017 in Blog

Effective March 1, rates at CFA will increase by $5. This is only the second time in CFA history that rates have changed.

What Do You Get?

Our 2016 Year In Review tells you what we added and improved in the last 12 months…. It’s a long list! We hope you agree that the difference you’ve seen is worth the price of a latte.

In each week, CFA membership gives you access to:

  • 34 CrossFit classes
  • 49.5 hours of Open Gym
  • Advanced Fit every weekday
  • Powerlifting every Monday
  • Gymnastics every Tuesday
  • Olympic Lifting every Wednesday
  • Strongman every Saturday
  • Yoga every Sunday

What Is Changing?

The change will not affect your membership until you renew any time after March 1. For example, if your current 12-month membership doesn’t expire until July 1, you will continue pay $135 per month until you renew July 1, at which point you would begin to pay $140 per month.

As of March 1, 2017, memberships will go up by $5:

  • 12-month: $140 from 135
  • 6-month: $150 from 145
  • 3-month: $160 from 155
  • Month-to-month: $170 from 165
  • Student/military/first responder: $120 from 115
  • Tweens & Teens (ages 8-18): $85
  • Kids (ages 5-8): $45 for Kids class only
  • Open Gym only: $105
  • Punch card: 10 classes for $140 from $135

Foundations (the first month of CrossFit) will remain $200.

CrossFit Advanced is the best around because our family of members are the best around. We work hard every day to make this place great for you…. Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

Allie, Caps, JZ and Ryan
CrossFit Advanced