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Oct 4, 2012 in Blog

New Services at CrossFit Advanced

So how can you keep injuries to a minimum, and maximize your potential?  Just ask Dave Reeman.  Dave is our in-house guru on all things, um…..unusual and awesome.  Below are a list of classes that can be offered with enough interest as well as individual soft tissue work scheduled by appointment here at CFA.

Breathing Classes– Breath is power, energy, how to rejuvenate yourself with breath, how to use breath to increase energy and relax yourself, and breathing with the whole body. Improved breath work will improve athletic performance, efficiency of respiration, lessen injury, and help to mitigate pain.  These exercises will increase blood oxygenation and blood flow and will be performed with a variety of breathing techniques.

Tendon strength- Tendon strengthening exercises will integrate your entire body and give you “whole body” strength.  It will also give you strength through movement.  Having strong and elastic tendons will exponentially increase your strength, agility, performance, power, and speed while reducing injury.  Many innovative exercises will be performed utilizing tendon strength, not muscular strength.  They will make you strong in every inch of your movement.

Joint Mobility, Range of Motion, Freedom of Movement Exercises- These exercises and movements allow your body to move in ways you never thought possible.  Range of motion will be increased while preventing injury.  Joints will be lubricated and adhesions will be eliminated which limit range of motion while improving joint health.  Many people who stretch seek to warm up their muscles, but they fail to lubricate their joints and warm up their tendons, which leads to injury and the inability to move efficiently.  These exercises will seek to get your body into a flow-like state.  A pre and post workout routine will be shown as well.

Systema- Russian Martial Art based on four principles: breathing, moving, relaxation, and structure.  Practitioners seek to maintain movement and structure while breathing and being relaxed and attempt to compromise the very same in the opponent.  There are no belts or forms.  It is an intuitive, individualistic art which teaches offensive and defensive methods.  This is an extremely effective form of self defense.  No experience is needed.  Any age, size, or gender can learn relatively quickly.   The system was designed for Russian Special Forces to be operational within 6 months.  The United Nations determined Systema to be the most humane martial art.  It is even taught to children in theToronto public school system.

Group Healing Classes- Classes will teach self massage and restorative exercises and movements designed to heal existing injuries and muscular stiffness in addition to limited range of motion.  It will also assist in injury prevention, stimulate circulation and blood flow.  Those taking the class will learn simple techniques in a short, daily routine for pre and post workouts.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Shiatsu/Shin Tai Practitioner, Russian Massage, Sports Massage, Energy Healing Techniques, Myofascial Release- A variety of healing techniques will be used to identify and eradicate pain and injuries.  Postural analysis, range of motion testing will be used.  Ranges from deep tissue massage to light touch energetic techniques to effectively treat and relieve pain and injuries.