CFA Members Supports Newton With Calendar Project

Feb 8, 2013 in Blog

The efforts of CFA manager and coach Jon Capobianco, along with several other coaches and members is paying off for Newton.

CrossFit community supports Newtown with calendar project


Even if you’re not into fitness, chances are you’ve probably heard of Crossfit.

The high intensity fast paced workouts has a tendency of inspiring those who exercise to give back.

“Every Crossfit gym has a community that seems to want to just help…they’re really great people at every place that I’ve ever gone,” said manager of Crossfit Advanced, Jon Capobianco.

The latest venture is a 14 month calendar featuring some of the male members of Crossfit, the group said it all started in a friendly competition with some of the female members who put together a calendar this past summer.

“It started off as something fun to do, we were just going to do it and spread the calendar amongst the members” said Chuck Makatura, who’s featured in the calendar.

However the date of the photo shoot changed everything, it was on December 14th.

“While he was shooting the film, we were hearing things about what was happening up in Newtown and we kind of all decided that day ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we did something with this calendar?’” Capobianco said.

Turns out that’s exactly what the group is doing, with 100 percent of the proceeds from every calendar sold going to the Newtown Memorial Fund.

“As a parent I couldn’t imagine what it’s like losing a child and so close to the holidays so knowing it’s going to help out some families or give them any type of comfort, you know it was all worth it,” said Ryan DeFalco, coach at Crossfit Advanced.

The calendars will be made available starting the weekend of February 2nd.

You can pick one up in person at Crossfit Advanced located at 3601 Sullivan Trail in Easton, or go to eBay and type in ‘Men of Crossfit Advanced’.

Each calendar is $20, Capobianco hopes to raise $9,000 with the calendars that have already been printed.

“The first goal is to sell five hundred and if we continue, we’ll do another five hundred and try to get them $18,000,” said Capobianco.