Jun 8, 2020 in Blog

CFA will not be renewing our affiliation with CrossFit.

We’re disgusted by the ugly disrespect of CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman in response to the movement to begin to address systemic racism in America. His words hurt people, go against everything we believe in, and poison a community that we’ve cared about and worked to build for the last decade, from our local community here in Easton, to the worldwide CrossFit community.

That community is too important to us. What we stand for is too important. You’re too important. We’re done. ⁣⁣
Your experience as members isn’t changing. The name will. The signs will. The logos on the t-shirts will. We don’t know those details yet. Please be patient with us. Thank you for being patient with us as we gave CrossFit HQ 24 hours to do what was right. And thank you for being patient with us as we work to re-open safely for you.⁣⁣
We’re going to keep doing everything we can for you – the best community in the world – and we’re going to keep trying to get better every day for you.⁣⁣
Here’s to the next 10 years.