February Newsletter

Mar 8, 2021 in Blog

TYM Athletes:

We want to thank every one of you for being such great members and for sticking with us through these extraordinary times.  Our community is one of kind and never fails to rise to the occasion.  We also want to thank our tremendous coaches and those who have kept the gym running when we needed it most.  THANK YOU!!

1. ROYAL BURPEE CHALLENGE – The 124th Royal Burpee Challenge starts today!  Get down and do a burpee!  It is never too late to sign up or find a sponsor to raise money for a good cause.

2.  COLD WEATHER – PLEASE continue to stay on point with our social distancing, mask wearing and sanitation protocols, you’re being awesome.  Thank you!  Be very aware and continue to keep social distance, clean our equipment and spaces, stay home if you’re not feeling well, and be sure to sign in to get a floor spot whether for class or open gym!  We are all one community that supports each other, and we are here to make everyone feel comfortable in our space.  WE GOT THIS!

3.  COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING –  TYM Competitive programming is doing awesome!  We continue to see more of our members participating.  Thank you for continuing to share your grit and passion for intense training with everyone who joins in.  Remember you can use Wodify to see the program, claim a floor spot in Open Gym, and log results.

4. REFERRAL PROGRAM  –  Gift cards are flying off the shelf!! Earn a $20 gift card when you get a new member to sign up for a monthly membership!  Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about our great community!!!! We welcome everyone.

5.  FAMILY DISCOUNTS – Get $20 off for each family member who joins us  – your 4th family member and beyond is FREE!

6.  TURF RENTAL – Looking for an indoor space for a family gathering, awards ceremony, socially distanced birthday party or more? Inquire about the turf rooms!!  If you know a team or group that could use the turf rooms please let us know.

7.  TEENS – Class is back, Tuesday/Thursday 6-7pm!

8.  PERSONAL TRAINING – Get one-on-one training that fits your schedule and needs!

9.  TYM AT HOME – Know anyone working out at home?  For $50/month, they can get a daily fitness workout that only requires dumbbells.

10.  SPONSORSHIP – Looking to advertise your business or know someone who is? Let us know and you can purchase a section of our wall padding in the turf room with your design and logo.

11.  CROSSFIT OPEN – Starts March 11th – March 29th!  SIGN UP NOW!  We will be running the “Open” workouts on the Friday after they are announced!  If you can’t do it on the Fridays, simply find a judge and do it any other day that works for you!  Ask us for any more details!  OH – Sign up under our “Old Affiliate Name”  CrossFit Advanced!


EXCITING NEWS – Our Specialty Classes are making a comeback!!

YOGA – Our friends from Yoga by The Valley OM will be joining us at TYM each Saturday in February from 9:15 – 10:15 AM.  We are happy to include this in your monthly membership.

SKILLS – Slowly but surely specialty classes are returning.  Join Coach Mark every Sunday morning at 8:00AM before the class WOD to work on a specific skill or movement.  We are currently working on muscle ups!


Future Happenings:

1.  Sports Performance Program – for athletes of any sport who are looking to get an extra edge.  Coming in March!!

2.  2021 Summer Camp!!  Sign up today! Camp runs weekly from June 14th – August 23rd!  email us at camp@testyourmetal.com.

3.  Summer 2021 – TYM 10th Anniversary Competition is July 10th and 11th.  Sign up today and if you are looking for a partner or team let us know.


Thanks for being part of the TYM family and let’s hope for a great year ahead!!  Always feel free to reach out to your owners, staff, and coaches if you need anything!


Caps (570)856-1462/ Chris (908)763-3121

Diane (908)763-6387/ JZ (484)241-7146

Krista (610)360-6980/ Mark (610)704-4561