Let The Burpees Begin!

Feb 11, 2012 in Blog

Update: Buy Your Official Challenge Tshirt Now!

Welcome to the 115 Royal Burpee Challenge.  Below is a quick run down on the important things to know.

1.  The challenge begins February 11th at the crack of dawn. IF YOU DO NOT BEGIN OF FEB 11TH, YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE CHALLENGE.

2.  This is a virtual challenge meaning anyone can participate from wherever you live/work/wod.

3.  The challenge lasts 115 days and begins with 1 burpee on February 11th. On day 2 of the challenge do 2 burpees, then 3 on day 3, 4 on day 4 etc. until the culmination on June 4th with 115 burpees (which is the 115th birthday of the late Royal Huddleston Burpee).

4.  If you fail to complete any or all the burpees on a given day, in order to stay in the challenge, all burpees assigned to the failed or missed day must be completed the next day PLUS all the ones due for that day.

6.  Burpees can be done all at once or spread out during the day as long as they are all done by midnight.

5.  Originally, the T-shirts were going to be sold at the end of the challenge for those who participated. However, due to the suggestions (i.e. threats) of the participants, we will make them available as soon as possible. Yes, we will ship them anywhere in the world. Buy Your Official Challenge Tshirt Now!

6. Check back to the Facebook event page as we will update it with the number of burpees due daily.

7.  Post videos and pictures regularly to the event page. The crazier the better. As the challenge becomes…um, more challenging, we will award prizes for categories ranging from burpees in the oddest place, the most people performing the burpees simultaneously at a single location, fastest time on a given day (check back around day 112 for this one), you get the idea.

8.  For those not on Facebook, as if, updates and all other important info will be listed here on our Blog.

Thank you for taking on this challenge with us at CrossFit Advanced as we pay homage to the man who made this possible, Royal Huddleston Burpee.

Good Luck!

Update: Buy Your Official Challenge Tshirt Now!