Let The Paleo Games Begin! MEAT – It’s whats for dinner!

Oct 8, 2012 in Blog

What’s up suckas fools! 

Signups for our CrossFit Advanced “Paleo Challenge” will begin this weekend October 13 & 14th.  Come into the box Saturday or Sunday to sign up, weigh in, etc!  If you can’t make it in then, no worries, you can sign up the week of Oct. 15th

Keep your eyes peeled for more Paleo information, challenge rules and stuff being posted on Facebook and our special “Paleo” white board!  Also, feel free to shout out any questions Paleo (on Facebook or the White Board) and our resident Paleo expert, Coach John Pozzetta will get back wit ya!  There will be a winner at the end of all this mess and mayhem so you better work hard!