New Format To Choose Weights for WODs

Apr 24, 2013 in Blog

In an attempt to help you achieve your goals with more direction, we have developed a new load choosing format.  We have come up with more than a single prescribed weight to choose for most WODs.  As always, you can choose any weight that is right for you while utilizing our knowledgeable, and dare I say, super sexy coaches to assist in your decision.  The following will be the new choices:


  • C = Competitive
  • S = Scaled
  • D = Development

*Loads should be chosen based on the following criteria for all movements:

  • Performed with sound technique (most important criteria)
  • Performed at or as close to the standard of the movement as explained by the coaches
  • Allows you to complete the WOD in the time frame set forth by the coaches

We hope this enhances your experience at CrossFit Advanced.  Feedback is greatly appreciated and should be directed exclusively to Caps.  Thank you for allowing us to assist you in achieving your goals.

Here’s a sample WOD with a look at how it will be recorded on the whiteboard:

WOD: “Fran” 21-15-9 rep rounds for time of…

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-Ups


  • C= 95/65lbs
  • S= 75/50lbs
  • D= 55/35lbs

Below are the results.  As you can see, John used 95lbs and did unassisted pull-ups finishing in 4:15 so he gets an rx next to his time.  Paul used 55lbs but did not do unassisted pull-ups and finished in 6:02.  Ringo used a weight appropriate for his current fitness level and used bands to assist in the pull-ups.

7:00AM WOD
John L., C 4:15rx
Paul M., S 6:02rx
George H., D 5:45
Ringo S. 3:15