New Programming Begins July 1

Jun 30, 2020 in Blog

We’re excited to announce new programming beginning July 1, with so much more for our members! In addition to our daily class workout (now in Wodify as “TYM Strength and Conditioning”), members now get three other programs for free every day, to use whenever you wish! And in response to your questions, we’re giving you more detail about what all of your programming is doing, how, and why. Here’s what you can look forward to in July (paraphrased from the NC Collective site).

TYM Strength and Conditioning
This is our regular class programming! In July, we’ll begin a strength cycle that will involve wave loading. Wave loading has you start with a certain amount of reps, say 7-5-3, followed by another “wave” of those sets. The goal is to go heavier on the second wave to develop your neurological and muscular strength. The heavier loads should feel lighter than expected, as you teach your muscles to improve their power output! Then, our conditioning efforts (the metcon following the strength portion) will be a tough challenge, moderate intensity, and lots of fun. We will see some benchmark workouts this month to have fun testing our limits! But we’ll be keeping in mind that many of us are coming back to fitness after a break. So let’s train smart, scale accordingly, and enjoy being back at it!

TYM At Home
This is for when your schedule or your comfort level means an at-home workout is best for you. All you need are dumbbells to get in a great workout every day. Keep up your fitness even at those times when it doesn’t work for you to be in the gym!

TYM Functional Fitness
This is great if you want an extra workout one day, or if you’re feeling like you want to change it up. Well-rounded general physical preparedness (GPP) is the name of the game for this daily metcon! Expect to see a few classic benchmarks in July: Cali Bear, DT, Gwen, Death Row, Isabel, Fran, and Hollyman – which you might remember from the 2019 Test Your Metal Games! Your other workouts will be tough and varied: couplets (two-movement workouts) and triplets (three-movement workouts), going long about twice a week, and going heavy-ish about twice a week.

TYM Competitors
This programming is 90+ minutes daily for members interested in going beyond. Every week in July will include the following: 1 long conditioning effort (20min+ aerobic), 1 sprint intervals (<2min repeats), 1 interval + skill (high-intensity, moderate-length EMOM of skill + conditioning), 1-2 additional metcons (Open-style workouts), and 1 “just move” (15-20min of flow movement with or without a vest). Strength will include the following elements weekly: 1 heavy squat, 1 heavy or skill push, 1 heavy or position pull, 1 Oly heavy or complex, 1 Oly skill or speed work, 1 gym strength or additional skill, and 1 strength accessory. This program has increased volume and intensity on training days, so rest days need to be approached with the same seriousness as a workout. If you are looking to move on those days, take an active recovery approach: long, low, and slow. No extra intensity if you expect to bring it on training days!