Open 101: The Basics of the CrossFit Open

Sep 25, 2019 in Blog

What’s the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a five-week worldwide competition. Each Thursday at 8 pm, a new workout is announced, and participants have until Monday at 8 pm to do the workout in front of a judge and enter their score online. The highest scorers worldwide move on toward the CrossFit Games.

Should I sign up?

We encourage everyone 14+ to join in! Each week you can choose between Rx and scaled options, and there are separate divisions for teens and masters. (FYI: CrossFit charges you $20 to register for the Open.)

When do I do the WOD?

Friday’s CFA WOD will be that week’s Open WOD. (You can also do the Open WOD during Open Gym, but it’s your responsibility to coordinate that with a judge.)

Who are the judges?

All of us can be! For your Open WOD to count, it must be signed off by an official judge. Please consider taking the judges’ course! It’s $10 and is a great summary of movement standards. CFA staff are all hands on deck during the Open, but the more judges we have, the more fun the Open is. (Note: If you were a judge in March 2019, your certification is still valid for October and November!)

What do I do now?

Learn more and sign up at or!

In closing, here’s something Coach Caps said way back in 2015. Still true!

“You will never cease to amaze us with your busy lives, families, etc. Yet you come in, day in and day out, dedicated to working hard, trying things you never thought you could do, helping others, and having fun doing it all while living your day-to-day lives. You are all amazing! CrossFit Advanced has, in our opinion, the best overall group of people on the face of the earth (though we might be slightly biased). It’s our pleasure to coach you, watch you grow, and help you succeed in whatever you do. We’re so glad you are a part of our family!”