Programming Focus for November

Oct 30, 2020 in Blog

Here is our programming focus for November (paraphrased from the NC Collective site)!

Note: All four workout options are available to you for free every day in Wodify as part of your membership!

TYM Strength and Conditioning
This is our regular class programming.
In October we worked on a capacity strength cycle, in which we tested some 10-rep maxes. Now, in November, we’ve started a new six-week cycle building toward a 3-rep max for some of the most classic lifts: front squat, strict press, power clean, and deadlift! You should see how the endurance, and the time under tension, that you built during those 10-rep maxes will translate into raw strength for these heavy 3’s. You’ll notice that instead of continuously building with every set, you’ll build up to a “feel” (like “light-moderate” or “moderate-heavy”) and then complete all of your reps at one weight. This puts the reins in your hands! We’ll also get some more benchmarking workouts in with some “Baseline” WODs. Thanksgiving week will be our transition week, and after that, you can look forward to the final strength cycle of 2020: 5-rep maxes for front squat, push press, and deadlift. It’s time to “gobble” some last-minute gains before 2020 comes to a close!

TYM At Home
This option is here for you when an at-home workout is best for you.
In October, we focused here on pressing – vertically and horizontally, unilaterally and bilaterally, and strict as well as dynamic – both with dumbbells and with body weight. This helped us develop upper-body strength and power! In November, our monthly structure will see us diving back into lower-body work with a focus on hinging. From more controlled movements like various types of deadlifts, to more dynamic movements like snatches and cleans, you’ll see hinges everywhere! Hinge patterns develop midline strength (everything from our necks down to our hips), as well as control from one side of the body to the other. Let’s have some fun with these hinge patterns this month, and get ready to get after it!

TYM Competitors
This programming is 90+ minutes daily for members interested in going beyond.
In October, the Competitors had weekly GOAT days to work those weaknesses, checked out a few classic Open workouts, and powered through the tried-and-true strength builder, a Wendler 5-3-1 cycle for back squat and strict press! As the programmers note, “Did you figure something out over the month of training that helped improve your performance? This could have been physical, mental, or emotional – we only hope that you learned SOMETHING to take into your real tests coming in February.” In November, the strength portion of the Competitor work will be twofold: (1) barbell capacity with moderate loads, and (2) odd-object work, cycling through movements that connect with each other (for example, moving right from a DB snatch into a DB step-up, or right from a DB thruster into a DB lunge). The conditioning focus will see you spending a lot of time pairing the rower and bike with skill-driven gymnastics, working the heart rate up and down on the machines and then seeing how it impacts your skills. Hopefully all of that GOAT work paid off!

TYM Functional Fitness
This metcon-focused programming is great when you’re feeling like you want to change it up.
In November, this programming will go with a Wendler-style cycle to build toward 2-rep maxes in back squats, strict presses, and deadlifts, along with a lot of fun metcons like D.T. and Cali-Bear!