Programming Focus for October

Oct 3, 2020 in Blog

What are you doing and why? Here’s your programming focus for October! (paraphrased from the NC Collective site). All four options are available every day in Wodify as part of your membership.

TYM Strength and Conditioning
This is our regular class programming.
We’re continuing toward a 10RM for deadlift, back squat, and strict press! The first week of October is the halfway point for this strength cycle. We’ll have two weeks of sets of 6s, then climb back up through sets of 8, before going for 10RMs in the third week of October. Keep trying to increase weight each week, even as reps increase. (This cycle will also help us learn how to better choose weights for both l0w-volume and high-volume sets.) After 10RM week, we’ll go right into testing 3RM for front squat, strict press, power clean, and deadlift. That’ll begin our next cycle: 6 weeks using various volume, loading, and formats to get stronger at these classic lifts!

TYM At Home
This option is here for you when an at-home workout is best for you.
This month, we’re focusing on pressing! The two major directions we press in are the horizontal plane (in front of your body) and vertical plane (over your body). We’ll do both, balanced with pulling, to keep shoulders, upper back, and neck healthy and strong. This is crucial to maintaining healthy shoulder function (also, strong shoulders never looked bad on anyone). We’ll have opportunities to slow down and work on strength with a lower heart rate, as well as times when we ramp up the intensity – just like with all those lunges last month!

TYM Functional Fitness
This metcon-focused programming is great if you’re feeling like you want to change it up.
In October, this program will continue to ride the skill-building train, while utilizing the increased conditioning in benchmark tests that combine capacity and skill. Skill work will continue at least once a week. We’ll include a quick Open-style workout and a retest of it this month, for the opportunity to see improvement. Also watch out for Fran, Death Row, Isabel, and some 3RM!

TYM Competitors
This programming is 90+ minutes daily for members interested in going beyond.
We’ll be kicking off a Wendler-style cycle for back squat and strict press, looking toward a 1RM retest in early November. And we’ll continue “goat” work through October – a great way to work on skills while subtly reducing volume and stress. (We want you to be ready when it matters most!) You’ll also see some Open workouts to test and retest your power.