Programming Focus for September

Sep 1, 2020 in Blog

What are you doing and why? Here’s your programming focus for September! (paraphrased from the NC Collective site). All four options are available every day in Wodify as part of your membership!

TYM Strength and Conditioning
This is our regular class programming!
Early in September we’ll test a new 2-rep max power clean and a new 2-rep max push jerk, as well as a new benchmark workout called “Little Bear.” Then, our next strength focus will be working on time under tension: you’ll get very familiar with higher rep counts as we work on back squat, strict press, and deadlift! To manage this properly, begin with very light weight, and progress toward moderate, or moderate-heavy, weight, and then, finally, heavy. The cycle will begin with high reps and low weight, and over the weeks will progress to fewer reps with increased weight, finally climbing back up to bigger sets toward the retest in mid-October.

TYM At Home
This option is here for you when an at-home workout is best for you.
All you need are dumbbells to get in a great workout every day. Keep up your fitness even at those times when it doesn’t work for you to be in the gym! This month, we are focusing on the lunge, one of the most potent movements we have. We’ll be taking a deep-dive into the many variations: forward, reverse, side, weighted, unweighted, unilateral, bilateral, elevated… you’ll see them all as you challenge your balance, stability, and flexibility, getting you stronger and more equipped to get out and enjoy life! But don’t worry, there will be plenty of high-intensity workouts too throughout September.

TYM Functional Fitness
This metcon-focused programming is great if you’re feeling like you want to change it up.
August saw a Wendler-esque strength cycle with the goal of improving strength and performance toward a 2-rep max in squat, deadlift, and press. We also got plenty of classic metcons done, with at least 1 chipper a week! In September, we will honor Labor Day and September 11 with special workouts, and will establish those 2-rep max numbers, as well as test some baseline workouts.

TYM Competitors
This programming is 90+ minutes daily for members interested in going beyond.
There’s no October Open this year: the best bet we have is to plan for an Open in February or March. This means there’s no need to taper in September, as there normally would be. So this month, we’re going to get strong. Once our front-squat and push-press Wendler and Oly cycles complete, we’ll take a week off with lower volume to allow the body to recover, then jump into working on back squat and strict press, as well as the snatch and the clean in the power position. We’ll focus on the ability to pull, get explosive, and get the bar high.