Secrets of the CFA Suggestion Box, Part III

Jan 26, 2020 in Blog

The CFA Suggestion Box lives on the front counter, and we continually read and implement the ideas you drop in. It’s been a while since we lifted the lid and showed you what was going on, so here are the ideas and comments you’ve had lately. (To see previous Suggestion Box posts – including that very polite request for air conditioning! – go here and here.)

1. We had several questions, suggestions, and opinions related to programming. They included questions about learning how to perform movements more efficiently, whether the programming is too advanced or not advanced enough, what scaling options are presented and how they’re explained, and why we’re doing what we’re doing and not doing other things.

From this, we learned that we needed to revamp our programming, and so we did! In late 2019, we began working with Perrin Behr, Director of Training at Requisite Fitness, to develop the programming at CFA. Perrin has been a CrossFit coach for nine years and has taken numerous successful athletes to the CrossFit Games repeatedly with her training plans. Her programming decisions are based on extensive thought and science to offer options that serve everyone from the novice to the elite athlete.

2. One suggestion requested car magnets with the CrossFit Advanced logo on them.

That’s a great idea! We’ve looked into it in the past but were not able to find a supplier we loved. We will go out and look again – and, if you have ideas, please let us know!

3. Another suggestion requested convex mirrors at the corners to help runners and drivers to get greater visibility.

We’ve looked into this before and didn’t find an item that would answer our issues, but we will investigate this again. Again – if you have ideas, please let us know!

4. A few people offered feedback regarding specific coaches.

We appreciate the praise you had and the concerns you raised. Rest assured that all of it was conveyed to the owners verbatim.

5. A couple of comments related to kids being in the mix during workouts.

Safety is our number-one priority. We welcome you and your families, but we don’t have the facilities for childcare, so please make responsible choices.

6. A couple of opinions related to the structure of classes – for instance, whether members should be able to take only part of a class, or whether members could move on to different parts of the workouts before the rest of the class. Some members feel they should be able to do those things if they wish, while other members find that disruptive.

That’s a decision that our coaches are empowered to make on behalf of CFA in the moment. If there’s enough equipment for the class and an additional member wants to only do part of the class (jump in for the buy-in and then leave, only do the WOD, etc.), that’s their choice. If there’s a reason that would be problematic, the coach will discuss that with the member in question.

7. One suggestion asked if we could have a meeting where athletes could express opinions and ask questions.

We may eventually plan something like that! For now, we’ve found that because of your busy lives, events can be hard to fit into your schedules. That’s why we’ve made sure that you have the suggestion box, our social media DMs, email, and contact with owners and coaches, all of whom are always at your disposal to help you and take your feedback.

8. Finally, one suggestion requested that members be informed that we have sprays in the bathrooms to freshen the air when necessary.

Please consider yourselves informed that this exists. Beyond that… y’all are grownups. It’s a potty. Life happens.