Seven Secrets of the CFA Suggestion Box

Nov 17, 2015 in Blog

The CFA Suggestion Box (created by our own Kerry Foley!) lives on the front counter, and we continually read and implement your ideas. Here’s the behind-the-scenes dirt on them!

1. Open Gym
Some members asked for extra Open Gym hours – and we always want to give everyone the opportunity to work out at times that fit their schedules. So:

  • NEW: Open Gym hours have been added Tuesday and Thursday at 4!
  • POSSIBLE: In the mornings after classes end, Open Gym time may SOMETIMES be available, but you MUST personally contact either Caps or JZ to get an okay. These are NOT guaranteed and are subject to change!
  • ONGOING: CFA continues to have Open Gym during all adult class times! This has been a huge 36 hours per week, and is now 38 with the addition of Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

An important safety note regarding Open Gym: We CANNOT allow members to work out or be in the building outside of the CFA operating schedule. Personal trainers are NOT responsible for members. Also, if there’s any sort of session happening (class, CrossFit Kids, personal training, etc.), Open Gym members are expected to stay out of their way. We all must respect each other’s workout!

2. Specialized Technique Work

Some members said that they’d like to get more practice on specific movements – from muscle-ups to snatches, from back squats to stone-to-shoulders. We want that for you, too, which is exactly why we have our specialty classes! Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and Strongman classes are all FREE to you as a member, and their coaches would LOVE to have you join them for the occasional class or to show up to every one.

  • Want a bigger bench, deadlift or back squat? Powerlifting!
  • Is your snatch ugly? Is your clean and jerk dirty? Oly!
  • Wish you could do a muscle-up? Skin the cats? Pistols or pull-ups? Gymnastics!
  • Want to know how to handle an Atlas stone, an axle bar or a sandbag? Strongman!

3. Saturday WODs

Here’s a tricky one. We got interesting feedback about Saturday WODs: some members requested more technical skill work, while others asked for more fun games. We’re going to keep our ears open, but feedback is pretty split so far!

4. Coaches

Some members had feedback about specific coaches. We appreciate both the praise you had and the suggestions you offered! Rest assured that all of it was conveyed to the right people.

5. Events

We’re hooking you up, as requested, with a ton of opportunities, activities, and outings. Just in the next four weeks, we’ve got a sold-out hot-yoga session, an in-depth gymnastics seminar, a “parents’ night out” of babysitting, AND our fabulous holiday party! (Sign up using the Front Desk calendar!)

6. Busy Times

A few of you mentioned that the facility can get busy at certain times, with a lot of people working out and passing through. And to this we say: YES. You are correct. Sometimes, our 7,000 square feet are hopping. Staff and off-duty coaches are often here to help while coaches are focusing on their classes, but we also have to rely on you to be sensible!

  • Clean up after yourself. End of story.
  • We welcome kids and fur babies, but you need to make sure they’re safe. Many of our parents and pet parents can give you advice on how to do this for your little ones!
  • Parents, spectators, etc.: same rule as for you as for kids and dogs! Stay safe and out of the path of athletes and coaches.

7. Summing It All Up

We’re proud that CFA gives you some of the best coaches and equipment in the region. The *smallest* of our three rooms has more than $35,000 of plates, platforms, kegs, stones, bars and specialized equipment. That’s pretty incredible.

And as for our coaches – their certifications include CrossFit Level 2, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, CrossFit Football… nine CrossFit Level 1 certifications, four CrossFit Kids-certified coaches, three USAW coaches, two Strongman certifications… a professional teacher, two registered nurses, a marathoner, and coaches with college backgrounds in gymnastics, football and wrestling. Damn!

We’re proud of what we offer and won’t stop making CFA even better. The Suggestion Box is there for you – and, more importantly, so are Caps, JZ, and the rest of the CFA team. Keep bringing us your ideas, your concerns, your praise – we want it all!