Six Reasons to Love Leg Day

Aug 18, 2017 in Blog

Some people love leg day. But this is for the rest of you.

Maybe all you want is cut biceps and huge lats. Or maybe you want to be “toned” and are a little nervous about getting “big.” So you’re not a fan of leg days. And it seems like they’re programmed so often. Why all these squats, you wonder? Should you skip them?

Turns out there are some really good reasons for leg day:

1. Leg day is natural steroids. Working the largest muscles in your body (legs and butt) releases a flood of human growth hormone and testosterone. These help you build and strengthen muscle throughout your entire body.

2. Leg day boosts your bench press. Many movements look upper-body-centric – until you think about it. (Consider bench pressing, throwing, or doing a muscle-up.) Power and strength come from driving with your whole body. A stronger lower body is what will give you that stability and power.

3. Leg day burns fat. Bigger muscles burn more fat while you’re working them. But even more important, strengthening your larger muscles does more to boost your metabolism, so you’re burning more at all times.

4. Leg day makes you faster. Stronger legs = faster bodies. Want to improve your cardio? Squat more.

5. Leg day keeps you safe. Strengthening your leg muscles protects your knee and hip joints.

6. Glutes are sexy. Enough said.

We hope this helps you understand why we squat, and maybe makes you love leg day a little more!

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