The CrossFit Advanced Experience

May 21, 2010 in Blog

The CrossFit Advanced Experience

by Maria Higgins

In Easton, Pennsylvania on a street lined with buildings whose facade plainly states “work gets done here” dwells a fitness facility of another kind, CrossFit Advanced. As you enter, the pulsing beat of adrenalin charged music reverberates in your bones as it echoes throughout the 3000 square feet of warehouse space that has found new life as a fitness enthusiast’s playground. Your gaze is drawn upward 20 feet to the wood ceiling from which thick climbing ropes, metal pull-up bars and swaying gymnastic rings are suspended, emulating a veritable adult jungle gym. In one corner, laced leather medicine balls wait patiently to be heaved upward 10 feet overhead to their targets on the cement block wall.

The smell of disinfectant that was used to wipe previous workouts clean wafts past your nose. A hardcore fire-breather squeaks the dry erase marker while writing on one of the white boards which adorn the entire length of the 70 foot long back wall. He records his times and reps, mentally competing against his own demons. In another corner, kettlebells of ascending masses are lined up like children in line, anxious to be picked for teams. A neophyte, surrounded by cheering CrossFit converts, is fighting to break through previous limitations to complete the WOD. The awareness of a grunt from below redirects your attention to the rubberized flooring where an abstract pattern of chalk hand prints remains from push-ups that are now a memory to the departing artist. Overhead is a woman scrambling to the top of the 15 foot climbing rope, employing every limb, muscles quivering with the exertion.

You hear the satisfying thump of rubber soles hitting the top of wooden boxes as 2 sweat-drenched competitors vie for the temporary title of “best”. The rushing wind refreshes you as you pass the rowing machine, whirring with the effort of the rower. You spot a teenager squatting low, his body almost disappearing behind a monstrous knobby tire. With a sudden burst, the tire is flipped to its other side demonstrating the effectiveness of this functional fitness program. Off to the side is a girl, exhausted and soaked from her exercise, lying on the floor trying to coerce her breathing to resume a steady pace. She slowly stands, leaving the wet shadow of her weakness, doubt and self-deprecation behind. As the enthusiasm for this unorthodox workout style squelches the fear of the unfamiliar, you confidently raise your hand to declare your readiness, and with that you hear……3, 2, 1, GO.