The 2020 CrossFit Open at CFA

Sep 25, 2019 in Blog

The CrossFit Open schedule is changing so we’re changing things up too: The 2020 Open will be Oct. 10-Nov. 11 and we’re doing a brand-new intramural PARTNER competition! (If you’re new: first read “Open 101”!)

Here’s how it works…

1. Partner up – gender, age, scale don’t matter!

2. Do the Open WOD and earn 5 points each for entering your scores. (It’ll be each Friday’s class WOD… so you’ll be doing it anyway!)

3. Earn points in the weekly Physical Challenge if one of you is one of the top scorers and you post proof in the CFA 411 Facebook group.

4. Earn points with weekly Photo Challenges! Post photos in the CFA 411 Facebook group of you and your partner meeting the challenges and win 5/3/1 points for each one you do.

5. Have fun! Get fitter! Win prizes!

Also, CrossFit has new features for us: not only our affiliate leaderboard, but also the new ability to create and join custom hashtag leaderboards. You might want to join #teacher, #dancer, #lawyer – or you might want to create #boysof5am, #cfamoms, #teamninethirty, #teensofcfa, etc. Get creative!

To discover each week’s challenges and get all the details, check the whiteboard in Room 1 and in the CFA 411 Facebook group.

Learn more and sign up at or!