UPDATE Logistics: Mayhem at the Meadowlands!

Apr 9, 2013 in Blog

Hey All,

Just a few reminders for those participating and/or attending the Mayhem at the Meadowlands competition!

1.  We have a bus transporting us to the Mayhem Competition.

  • 48 spots available.  If you want a ride – Athletes/Teams get first dibs –  after that, guests are welcome to sign up for rides.
  • The fee is $20 per person for everyone including athletes.  Please pay one of the coaches prior to the competition.
  • The bus will pick up and drop off at CrossFit Advanced – pick up time TBD closer to the time of the competition.  If you are driving on your own, disregard this message.


2.  Please make sure you have your team organized and ready to go!

  • Please check and fill in the “Team Roster” on the front desk at CFA so we know who is going/participating!
  • You should have your teams signed up by now.
  • Remember, it needs to be teams of 3!