Welcome to Test Week!

Jul 26, 2017 in Blog

This week, each day’s program includes a one-rep-max (1RM) lift attempt. But why are we doing this? What’s the point?

Test week answers some basic questions:

  • How much can I lift?
  • Am I progressing?
  • What deficiencies do I have to work on?

Whether it’s upper back strength work to support an overhead position, or posterior chain strength to work through a snatch pull, testing shows you where your body is.

The CrossFit training year begins after the Open, starting with strength cycles, and progressing toward faster barbell cycling, more volume, and increased metcon and skill training.

Our program has been following a progression for each of the lifts we’re testing.

Remember all those tempo squats? All of those accessory movements? And you can’t forget those snatch complexes, right? They’re there by design. To help you get stronger. To help you find that elusive 1RM.

Just like the result board every day, your 1RM numbers are just that: YOURS.

They depend on everything in your own life – a variety of factors including nutrition, sleep, training, work, stress, injuries, etc., etc., etc. As such, they’re completely individual to you. Don’t worry about anyone else’s numbers but your own. As they say: you do you.

What do we do after test week?

We keep going!

Use these new 1RM numbers to base your workouts on.

Look at whether they highlight any weaknesses that you can now address with your coaches.

And, maybe most of all, celebrate them! You get in here and spend time focusing on making yourself stronger and healthier, and we’re so proud of each and every one of you for that.