What The FUQ?

Jan 7, 2013 in Blog

Like A Weight Off My Shoulders
a blog post by Greg Tymon

In this first blog of 2013, I wanted to address some Frequently Unasked Questions.  The following are the most important FUQ I thought should be answered first.

Do you just pull these daily workouts out of your ass or what?

  • Yes and No.  Most of the workouts at CFA are the brainchild of Greg and now, your beloved coaching staff.  If we see a WOD we like on the Crossfit main site or another gym, we will use it.  Our programming, however, is carefully thought out to ensure the proper balance of strength, short, and long metcons.  Next weeks blog will explain, in detail, all about our programming and why it doesn’t suck.
Do the coaches sit around after class and make fun of me for my lack of technique?
  • Yes and No.  Every coach at CFA was a member just like you and began with our foundations program to learn the movements just like you.  Each member will progress at different rates based on a few things; previous experience, coordination, willingness to learn, and not being in a hurry to increase the weight.  With that said, the coaches are consummate professionals and, yes, get a chuckle out you once in a while.  Every job has its perks.
What the hell kind of gym has 7,000 square feet of space, a lounge, 2 grills, 3 picnic tables and no bathroom?
  • I know it is less than ideal for all our members to share  a single bathroom.  I know the morning classes have to carefully maneuver through the darkness and the evening classes have to carefully maneuver through little cheerleaders in order to get to the bathroom.  However, we have one of the largest facilities with the most equipment of any CrossFit gym with around 100 members.  Life is a compromise.
What are those new metal, heater looking devices hanging on the walls in the corner of each room?
  • I know they look like heaters but they are not.  They are evil devices installed by the devil and designed to steal your soul if you get too close.  The thing that looks like the thermostat actually counts how many souls we have lost so far.  I can’t bear to see that number rise above 45!
What is the deal with the music?
  • Regardless of what is coming out of the speakers, someone complains.  I’ve given up on trying to please even half of you.  Our current protocol is to allow whoever is coaching the class to pick the music.  Look for a facebook post where you will be quizzed on matching the music to the coach.  The winner gets to pick the music every time they are in for a week.
I hear a lot of people criticize CrossFit as being too intense.  Is it true that it is a program designed for elite athletes and not the average person?
  • Yes, which means that you and anyone who joins is f#*king ELITE!  I will address this in detail in yet another upcoming blog.

I hope this has helped to clear up some FUQ.  See you here next Monday.