True story: I’m in my bathing suit cleaning leaves out of my pool when my daughter asks the question every father longs to hear: “Dad, why are your stomach muscles so defined?” Enough said.

I had been a runner/cyclist/triathlete of varying degrees for the past 20 years, but while I could do those things relatively well, I could tell I was losing strength gradually with age. I joined CFA hoping to do something about that.

After about a month or so I could feel a real difference. What I like the most about CFA is that it’s something different every time you go. Sometimes harder, sometimes easier; sometimes strength-focused, sometimes cardio-focused. Your body is always challenged. The mood is light but there is a sense of competitiveness if you want there to be. Either way, it’s always fun, and always satisfying when you are finished. It is NEVER a grind. As a result, at 45 I am probably in the best shape of my life and feeling great!