I can’t express enough how much Crossfit Advanced has changed me. When I say “changed me”, it’s not just the physical change – it’s also a mental, emotional, social and even spiritual change. Before Crossfit came into my life, I was an avid runner and cyclist. I thought I was in pretty good shape. But now I see how much I have improved in all aspects of being.

Crossfit Advanced has pushed me to see things in myself that I never thought I could achieve. The people there – the coaches, owners, and all other members – are very special people to me. It’s a family that will cheer you on when you feel like giving up. A family that helps you see what each of us is really made of.

Our bodies were meant to be active, playful and happy. Crossfit Advanced is my “Happy Playful Active Place” – it’s filled me with passion to feel alive and enjoy this life I have been given. Thank you CFA!!!