Sports Performance Program

The Lehigh Valley’s most elite Sport Performance training program is open to athletes of all skill level and sport. In partnership with MADE Strength, our 4-week personalized strength, conditioning & skills programs will help athletes elevate their physical performance to the next level.

Our trainers customize workouts for athletes in any sport, at any skill level. We can do *almost* ANYTHING in our 25,000+ sq.ft. athletic facility ➞ A space unlike any gym in the Lehigh Valley…

We’re looking for athletes age 8+ who want to work hard & compete at the next level in their favorite sport – Football, wrestling, softball, baseball, basketball, swimming, or any other!

Sport-specific programming from our certified trainers & coaches include personalized workouts designed to increase

and other key performance traits – with an emphasis on injury prevention.

Limited spots are available for these personal sessions, so please reserve your time with our trainers & coaches ASAP.

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Athlete Assessment →

Each athlete goes through an extensive evaluation that may include:

  • plyometric exercises (lateral jump, squat jump)
  • broad jump
  • flying 10-yard sprint
  • ankle and hip mobility
  • sprint technique
  • overall strength

These assessments are integrated into our program so an athlete’s development can be measured. Skills and movements, specific to an athlete’s sport, are also measured.

For example:

  • Assessing the “rotator cuff stabilization” of an overhead athlete, like a baseball player.
  • For a field athlete, such as a lacrosse player, they’ll have multi-directional speed and agility assessments.

All of our programming incorporates the assessments and is personalized to the athlete.

What to Expect →

Test Your Metal Sports Performance Program

With individualized instruction, athletes will first develop muscle strength as a foundation for their programming. This will help athletes become resilient, and reduce their potential for injury.

We like to say, “the best ability, is availability”.

Throughout the training sessions, athletes will develop the ability to demonstrate baseline strength in a functional way. Once their strength foundation is rock solid, speed training is introduced.

Whenever athletes reach new heights in their game, it’s because they’ve made huge gains to their strength, speed, skill, and endurance.

If athletes want to perform at their highest potential, individual Sport Performance training is the only way to separate from the pack.

Why Us? →

Test Your Metal Sports Performance Program

Quite simply, our coaches, facility, and programming are the best in the Lehigh Valley.

The combination of MADE Strength, and Test Your Metal, has created an elite program focused solely on improving an athlete’s performance. Our main goal is to help athletes perform at the top of their game.

At the end of the day, we care about YOU, the athlete, YOU the person, and YOU the competitor. Improve your strength and speed in an atmosphere you’ll love. Register for a limited spot in our Sport Performance program.

Coach Bio - Kyle “Coach K” Kowalczuk →

Coach KCoach K has been a fitness fanatic his entire life, and in 2017 he joined MADE Strength as a full-time coach. Prior to his start at MADE, Coach K earned a Masters in Exercise Science as a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Never backing down from a challenge, after college Coach K pursued “bouldering”, an advanced rock-climbing sport. Once he conquered some of the toughest climbs in the northeast, Coach K was ready to test his strength and endurance on a new level. That’s when he found a new love in CrossFit.

Coach K’s competitive spirit lead him to compete in local CrossFit competitions and the CrossFit Open. After a few high-level competitions, Coach K re-focused his strength training by using barbells, body weight, and kettlebells (his personal favorite). He now competes twice a year in the Tactical Strength Challenge which combines the 3 modalities into one strength meet.

Coach K is proud to be among the few elite strength & conditioning coaches in the Lehigh Valley. His drive to compete, the hard work put into each individual’s programming, and a fierce commitment to grow and develop athletes, are qualities that separate Kyle “Coach K” Kowalczuk from the rest.