Friday, January 5 WOD

‪Room 2‬
Warmup: ‬1 Round:
‪200m Run/Row ‬
‪10 KB Goblet Squats (light weight, focus on knees out and torso upright)‬
‪10 Russian KBS ‬
‪5/ea Alternating Side Planks (On your hand, extend arm to a T-Position)‬
‪2 Turkish Getups/ea (light weigh‬
Skill Warmup: Squat Cleans‬
Buy-In: 8:00 EMOM: ‬
‪1 Squat Clean ‬
WOD: “Nautical Nancy”‬
‪5 rounds for Time: ‬
‪400m Row‬
‪15 OHS @95/65#‬

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