Hurricane Sandy Update 10/29/12 – CFA Classes CXL Tonight & Tomorrow AM

Hi CFA Family –

For the safety of everyone, we are going to CXL classes for tonight 10/29/12 – 5pm, 6pm, & 7pm and tomorrow 10/30/12 – 5:30am & 7am. 

Tomorrow we will determine if we are going to hold 5pm, 6pm, & 7pm Classes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Please keep an eye on our blog and Facebook for more updates! 

Stay Safe!   

Also – Don’t forget to do your home WOD’s!  a hurricane is no excuse!  🙂

Looking for a way to track your workouts and results? Checkout the MyWOD app, available for all you iPhone / iOS and Android users. Or get vintage and use a good old fashioned notebook!