Monday, April 29 WOD

Welcome to Bring A Friend For Free Week.

  • Morning guests will participate in the workout along side the members who brought them.  Our coaches will help guests scale and/or modify the workout as needed to have a great experience.
  • 7 P.M. guests will do a separate WOD (Workout Of the Day) with their very own Coach.  The guest WOD will mimic the member’s WOD but will use less skill intensive movements where necessary.

Member WOD

WOD Specific Warm-Up: 3 rounds of One Arm Plank Hold on Rings

  • 20/10 (tabata style)
  • Left hold plus right hold = 1 round

Skill Review: Dumbbell (squat) Snatch

WOD: 4 rounds of Dumbbell Snatch Ladder, 3 reps

  • Touch and go for reps 2 and 3
  • Rotate on the :30 after each successful station
  • Alternate between arms each round

Starting Load:

C: 50lb/35lb   S: 35lb/25lb   D: 25lb/15lb

Cash-Out: Dumbbell Overhead Squat Tabata

  • Use 70% of max load from WOD
  • Alternate between arms each 20/10
  • Record scores for right and left arm (ex. 7/5)

Guest WOD

Mobility: Shoulders

  • 10 Dislocates
  • 5 Rotational Dislocates each direction

Skill Review:

  • Thruster
  • Rowing

WOD: AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 8 minutes of…

  • 250m Row
  • 15 Thrusters, empty barbell

Looking for a way to track your workouts and results? Checkout the MyWOD app, available for all you iPhone / iOS and Android users. Or get vintage and use a good old fashioned notebook!