Monday, February 6 WOD

Skill: Rowing technique

WOD: In 20 minutes, AMRAP of:

  • 5 Power cleans 145 lb. /100 lb.
  • 10 Toes to bar
  • 15 Wall ball 20 lb. /14 lb.

Cash-Out: Max Distance plate carry – pinch grip. Choose a plate weight that challenges your grip.

Post rounds completed, distance walked and weight carried to comments.


Name WOD Cash-Out
6pm Brody 4+10rx 2/45’s
Danielle 6 3.5/15’s
Jamie Z. 7+16rx 1.5/15’s
Dan 5+25 3.5/25’s
Joe 5+10 3.75/25’s
Gladys 6 6.75/15’s
Jen 5+15 2.25/15’s
Meg 5+10 3.5/15’s
7pm Maria 6+15 4/15’s
Ryan 6+7rx 2/35’s
Caps 8+26rx 2.5/35’s
JP 7+7rx 2.5/35’s
JT 6+13 2/35’s
Erin 5+12rx 3/25’s
Dave 8 2.5/35’s
Jerry 6+10 2.75/35’s
Tony 5+2 4/35’s
Justin 6rx 2.5/35’s
Scott 7+9 1.5/25’s
Kris T. 6+21 1/25’s
Tamie 5+5 2/25’s

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