Monday, June 5 WOD

Room 2
Warmup: “Rowling”
235m Target: For every meter over, do Burpees.
89m: Pull-ups
124m – Walking Lunges
391m – Squats
151m – Push-ups
28m – Burpees Over Rower x 2
Buy-In: 5 Sets:
3 Back Squats (5-10% heavier than last week)
5/each Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (21X3 tempo)
WOD: 3 Rounds, 5:00 AMRAP:
10 Alternating Arm DB Snatches, 5-R, 5-L (C: 55/35, P: 45/25, F: 35/20)
20 Wall Balls (20/14#)
5 Toes to Bar
20 Double Unders/ 40 Singles
-rest 3:00

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