Monday, March 26 WOD, 032612

Mobility: 6 minutes on the glutes and hip flexors

WOD: 25 meters of Dumbbell Walking Lunges, 1-1-1-1-1

  • Determine Max load within the 5 rounds
  • Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Cash-Out: For time: Plank, 45/25lbs on back

Post dumbell load, plank time to comments

Results: Name WOD Cash-Out
5pm Holly 40lbs 1:01rx
Mario 25lbs Row
Emily 20lbs 1:05rx
Gina 15lbs 1:10rx
Shelly 20lbs 1:18rx
ReRe 25lbs :14rx
6pm Jenn 20lbs 1:31rx
Justin 70lbs 3:12rx
Dan 75lbs 1:38rx
JP 60lbs 1:11rx
Aaron 40lbs 1:15rx
Danielle 25lbs :53rx
JamieLee 20lbs 2:11rx
Jt 50lbs 3:30rx
Louie 30lbs 1:37(25)
Mikki 20lbs 5:01(10)
Gladys 25lbs 1:05rx
Adam 25lbs 1:10(25)
7pm Joe W. 40lbs :48rx
Jamie H. 45lbs 1:11rx
Brody 75lbs 1:04rx
Gregg 45lbs :40rx
Robin 20lbs :53rx
Jamie Z 45lbs 3:00rx
Malaika 20lbs 1:36rx
Jerry 45lbs 1:30rx
Kris T. 35lbs 1:03rx
Nikki 15lbs :54rx
Z 15lbs 1:00rx

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