Monday, November 13 WOD

Room 1
Warmup: 200m Run/Row
1 Round:
20s Samson stretch ea
10 sit-ups
10 super mans
10 roll to Vsit
10 wall facing ohs
25 double unders/ 50 singles
Buy-In: 5 Sets:
‪3 Back Squats @same weight as last week‬
‪5-7 Feet elevated ring rows- pause at the chest if you can‬
Skill Review: Power Clean and Jerk ‬
WOD: 3 Rounds, 3:00: ‬
‪500/400m Row‬
‪In remaining time, ‬
‪AMRAP Power Cleans and Jerks (C: 135/95, P: 115/75, F: 95/65) ‬
‪-2:00 Rest‬

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