Dec 31, 2012 in Blog, WOD

A note from Greg…(who?)….Greg Tymon……(slight head tilt)….. the Owner and Head Coach…..(shoulder shrug and dismissive look).

In a few days I will post a blog called “Foresight” in which I’ll talk about the direction of CFA for 2013.  But first I would like to take a minute to reflect on 2012.

I want to thank you all for a great year.  I appreciate the members who have been with us since the beginning and have endured our growing pains and followed us as we relocated to our new facility.  For our new members, welcome to the family and I look forward to getting to know you all in the upcoming year.  As I look back on 2012, seeing the friendships that have developed and the level of fitness achieved is incredibly rewarding to me.  2013 marks the 20th year I have been in the fitness business and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed what I do more.

Their are two components that have allowed us to grow over the past year.  First is a member-focused approach to running the gym.  Since every CrossFit gym is independently owned and operated, each one will have a different focus and feel.  Forcing the owner’s or coaches agenda onto the members, making their goals your goals is one way of running a gym.  That ain’t us.  We at CFA want to provide the safest and most effective program for each of you to achieve your goals and I think we do this well.  At least our hearts are in the right place.  A big Thank You to the coaching staff and Caps for carrying out my vision of a member-based program.

The second component is you, the members.  The atmosphere at our gym is warm, welcoming, and focused.  I love all the camaraderie and chatter during the warm-up and how your inner beasts come out at 3-2-1-Go.  I love the chatter a little less while trying to explain a Saturday WOD….you know who you are!  Without your commitment to our gym, I would have to get a REAL job and I shutter at the thought.  I don’t think my sarcastic sense of humor would go over well at the average workplace.  For those who are still wondering who I am and have not been subjected to my unique coaching style, you are missing out.  Just ask one of the original members, they’ll tell you what a hoot I am.  Don’t fret, I will be around more in 2013 and everyone will have a chance for me to tell them how horribly wrong they are doing something.

Stay tuned for the next blog entry called “Foresight” and many more to come in the new year.

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