Saturday, February 4 WOD 2012

PARTNER WOD:  For Max Score…

  • 45 Burpees / Kettle Bell Swings, 1.5/1pood
  • 45 Floor to Overhead, 75/45lbs / Ab Mat Sit-ups
  • 45 Calorie Row / Push-Ups
  • 100 Double Unders / Back Extensions

Rules:  With a continuously running clock…

  • Partner 1 has 1 minute to complete the reps of the 1st movement
  • In minute 2 the 2nd partner must complete any unfinished reps using the 2nd movement
  • Do 2 rounds per station before moving on to the next alternating partners each 2 minutes
  • 1 Point is scored by completing all reps per couplet per round

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