Saturday, May 18 WOD

Team WOD: Pace Horse for max Rope Climbs

  • Pace Horse, 21-15-9 rep rounds of…
    • DeadLifts, 245/155lbs
    • Box Jumps, 24/20″
  • AMRAP of…
    • 15′ Rope Climb
    • 200m Run

The Rules:

  • Form teams of 3
  • Each teammate must complete 1 round of the Pace Horse
  • While one teammate is performing the Pace Horse, the other 2 are doing the AMRAP
  • During the AMRAP, teammates accumulates as many Rope Climbs as possible while alternating between Run and Rope Climb
  • Your team score is the total number of Rope Climbs completed after all 3 teammates have done the Pace Horse

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