Sunday, October 14 WOD

WOD: 5K for time

Top 10 things to do while running to pass the time:

10. Occasionally gargle your accumulating saliva before spitting it out.
9. Wave at every car that passes as if you know them.
8. Yell frantically to everyone you pass “it’s coming, it’s coming, run for your lives”.
7. Try to remember all of your high school teacher’s names.
6. Jump rope the entire time.
5. Run across the trunk, roof, and hood of parked cars.
4. Throw orange peels at pedestrians while you snarl “Orange disease on you!”
3. Close your eyes and run; it’s real fun.
2. Play a “strip running” with your running partners
1. Invision the Snickers Waffle you will have when you are done

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