Thursday, February 15 WOD

Room 2
Warmup: 1:00 Double Unders Or practice OR do Penguin Jumps
5/ea Front Squat Stretch w Partner (Empty bar or pvc)
Then, 1 Round with Empty Bar (do not put bar down!):
5 Clean Grip RDL (stretching hamstrings and getting them to fire)
5 Clean High Pulls (Have them focus on the bar path and making contact at the thighs)
3 Hang Power Cleans, hold on 3rd rep (to stretch scapula and triceps really focusing on getting those elbows up)
3 Front Squats
Review: Split Jerk
Buy-In: 10-12:00 to build:
‪Clean and Jerk ‬
WOD: For time:‬
‪250m row‬
‪50 Dips (Scale Any way you wish) ‬
‪50 Toes to Bar‬
‪50 Burpees‬
‪50 Pull ups‬
‪250m row‬

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