Thursday, July 27 WOD

Room 1
Warmup: 2 Rounds:
5 Inchworms with push-up
5 Groiners
10 Scorpions
5 Squat with T-Spine Stretch/ each
Then with an empty Barbell,
5 Tall Jerks (work on pulling under the Bar)
5 Jerk Balance (work on moving the front foot)
5 Split Jerks
A. Split Jerk
Heavy Set x1
B. 3 Sets:
8/ea Single Leg RDL
50m/ Single Arm Farmers Carry (heavy- Walk out to the 100m mark with one hand, then switch on the way back)
WOD: For Time:
Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
Double Unders/ 42-30-18-18-30-42 Singles

Teens and Tweens
Room 2
Warmup: 2 rounds
200m row/run
5 inchworms
10 scorpions
5 pushups
Buy-in: 4 sets
Deadlift 75% x 4 reps
Bent over dumbbell row x 10 each arm
V-ups x 12
WOD: E2MOM x 20 minutes
6 hang power cleans 85/65
50m plate push (turf room cones and back)

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