Thursday, March 24 WOD

If you didn’t do Monday’s WOD, then follow the #1s.  If you did, then follow the #2s


#1) 3 minute Double Under Practice

#2)  2 x 5 of Burgener Warm-up with empty barbell

The sequence is as follows, always in this order:
1.  Down and up  view demo
2.  Elbows high and outside  view demo
3.  Muscle snatch  view demo
4.  Snatch land  view demo
5.  Snatch drop  view demo
6.  Hang power snatch  view demo
Putting it all together  view demo

The sequence is as follows, always in this order:1.  Down and up  view demo2.  Elbows high and outside  view demo3.  Muscle snatch  view demo5.  Snatch drop  view demo6.  Hang power snatch  view demo


#1)   “CrossFit Total”

  • Back Squat 1 rep
  • Shoulder Press 1 rep
  • Dead Lift 1 rep
#2)  Three rounds for time of:
  • 40 Walking Lunges with 45lb bar overhead
  • 30 Wall Ball
  • 20 Calorie Row
  • 10 GHD Sit-Ups


#1) Burbpee Tabata

#2) Cool Down and Stretch

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