Thursday, May 31 WOD

Mobility: Mid Back

Skill: Dumbbell Farmers Carry

WOD: 21-15-9 rep rounds for time of…

  • Ring Rows
  • Burpees
  • Box Jumps, 30/24″

Cash-Out: Farmers Carry Ladder

*Today’s burpees count toward the challengeĀ 

Results: Name WOD Cash-Out
5:30am Caroline 8:33 40s
Greg H. 12:23 50s
Mary 11:28 40s
Megan 9:23 40s
7am Jerry 11:06 60s
Marty 11:20m 60s
Kevin 9:36rx 60s
Will 7:07rx 75s
5pm Jeff 9:51rx 70s
Chuck 7:49rx 65s
Gina 11:48 40s
Vicki 10:50 40s
Louie 8:38 80s
Mikki 6:33 25s
Linda 9:07 50s
Paul 9:44 65s
Dan S. 11:01rx 55s
Justin 7:09 60s
6pm Kyle M. 9:15 60s
Meg 10:33 45s
Kris T. 10:05 45s
Jamielee 10:20 40s
Jenn 11:56 40s
7pm Dena 11:36 40s
Malaika 10:06 55s
Heather 13:16 60s
Taylor 9:00rx 55s
Jill 13:25 45s
Dan C. 8:05rx 85s
Wilson 10:55 65s
Debra 12:36 40s
Neha 12:42 40s


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