Thursday, November 23 WOD

WOD til you Wobble!
‪3 Person Teams For Time:‬
‪2000m Row‬
‪60 Wall Balls (20/14 Or Scale up to 30/20) ‬
‪60 Pull-ups (Sc: Jumping Or Ring Rows) ‬
‪60 Box Jumps (24/20) ‬
‪2000m Row‬
‪60 Goblet Squats (55/35)‬
‪60 Pushups‬
‪60 Medball Situps‬
‪2000m Row‬
‪*team must hold Medball off the floor the entire time, it may NEVER touch the floor (including resting or handing over for Wall Balls and situps)‬
‪*one person works at a Time on the chipper movements, Split Reps however you want‬
‪*other teammates must accumulate Burpees; one person holds Medball and one person is accumulating burpees ‬
‪*Each Burpee counts as 2s off your time, Score= Time – 2s per Burpee ‬

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