Thursday, October 12 WOD

Room 1
Warmup: ‪1:00 double unders or practice‬
2 Rounds:
10 Banded Pull Aparts
10 PVC Thrusters
10 OH Walking Lunges 
10 Tall Split Jerks
5 Pull-up/ Negatives
A. 8:00 EMOM:
1 Split Jerk, building
B. 3 Sets:
8/ea Single Arm KB High Pull
10 DB Hip Thruster
Min 0:00-3:00
500m Row
Min 3:00-6:00
400m Run (Assault Bike 20 Cals)
Min 6:00-9:00
500m Row
Min 9:00-15:00
5 DB Manmakers (35/25# per hand)
30 Double Unders/ 60 Singles

Teens and Tweens
Room 2 and Turf room if available (if not use room 3 and outside)
Warmup: CFA x 1 round
Buy-In: 3 sets
Goblet lunge steps x 20 total steps-use a challenging kettlebell or dumbbell
Seated max high jump x 5 jumps
Plank shoulder taps x 20 total alternating taps. Scale up to handstand shoulder taps if able.
WOD: Teams of 2 for time x 5 sets
P1 150′ sled push (75 out, 75 back) 2 45# plates/1 45# plate
P2 150′ sled push
P1 150′ heavy farmers carry using KB or DB. Use a challenging weight!!!
P2 150′ heavy farmers carry
200m shuttle run together
Rest 2 minutes

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