Tuesday, August 6 WOD

Mobility: 8 minutes, member’s choice

Buy-In: Take 10 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max in…

  • Bench Press

WOD: Barbell Bear Complex

Repeat the following sequence 7 times for 5 rounds:

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push-Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push-Press

The Rules:

  • Begin with 65% of your 1RM Push-Press
  • For each round (7 times through the sequence), you cannot let go of the bar
  • Try to do each round unbroken
  • You can rest with the bar on the floor or in the hang position, just don’t let go
  • Add weight each round
  • Rest as needed between rounds as long as the 5 rounds are done within 15 minutes
  • Post max load to results

Cash-Out: 1 round for max reps of…

  • Hand Stand Shoulder Taps

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