Tuesday, January 2 WOD

‪Room 2 ‬
Warmup: ‬10s Squat Hold x 3 (knees out, torso upright)
Then, 2 Rounds:
25’ Broad Jump
25’ High Hips Bear Crawl
10 Fire Hydrants each
5 PVC Pass Thru’s
Skill Warmup: Hang Snatch (full Squat) ‬
‪-discuss setup and 2nd, 3rd pulls‬
Buy-In: 6 Sets building: ‬
‪3 Hang Snatches‬
WOD: 10 Rounds, 1:00 on, 1:00 off:‬
‪5 Hang Power Snatch (C: 105/75, P: 95/65, F: 85/55)‬
‪Max Cal Row‬
– ‪record total calories ‬

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