Tuesday, June 13 WOD

Room 2
Warmup: 2 Rounds:
150m Row
10 2s-Pause KB or DB Goblet Squats
10 PVC T-spine Rotations/each
5 Barbell Snatch Deadlifts
5 Barbell Snatch High Pulls
5 Barbell OH Squats or Snatch Balance
A. 8:00 EMOM:
2 Power Snatch from Pause at the Knee (do Full Snatch if capable)
B. 3 Sets:
10 Banded Good Mornings
100′ per arm Single Arm DB OH Carry (as heavy as possible)
WOD: 4 Rounds For Time:
30 Wall Balls (20/14#)
20 Alternating Single Arm DB Snatches, 10 each Arm (40/25#)
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Teens and Tweens
Room 1
Warmup: 1 Round CFA
Review: WOD movements
Strength: 5 sets (20 minute time cap):
Back squats 70% x 4 reps
Hand release pushups x 10
Russian twists x 20 holding small plate or dumbbell
WOD: 14:00 AMRAP
10 barbell thrusters (75/55)
10 burpees
10 American kettlebell swings
200m run

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