Tuesday, October 3 WOD

Room 2
Warmup: 2:00 Bike or Row then,
2 Rounds:
50′ Walking Samson Stretch
10 Kneeling PVC T-Spine Rotations/ea
10 PVC Kang Squats
10 PVC Sotts Press Or Behind the Neck Push Press
Buy-In: 6 Sets:
-use 22X1 tempo and stay the same weight across all sets
A. 7:00 AMRAP:
500/400m Row
25 Burpees Over the Erg
-rest 3:00
B. 7:00 AMRAP:
400/300m Run
15 Wall Balls
Cashout: 5 Sets:
6-8 seconds AB Sprint
-rest 60 secs

Teens and Tweens:
Room 1
:60 double under practice
2 rounds
10 pushups
10 jump squats
10 situps
30 mt climbers
Buy-In: 3 sets:
Half kneeling dumbbell press x 8/arm
Banded rows x 10 (use the heaviest band that allows control)
Plank hold x :45
WOD: Partner intervals x 3 Rounds for reps and time
P1 :30 amrap ball slams
P2 :30 amrap ball slams
P1 :30 amrap lateral hurdle hops
P2 :30 amrap lateral hurdle hops
REST :60
100m relay race x 4 rounds
P1 50m Sprint out and back
P2 50m sprint out and back
REST 3 minutes
Score= total ball slams, total hops and time completed

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