Wednesday, April 24 WOD

Skill Review: Skin The Cat

Buy-In: Skin The Cat 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: Perform the following EMOM for 8 minutes…

  • WOD A:
    • 50 Yard Shuttle Run (4 x length of gym from racks to dry erase boards)
    • Accumulate Deadlifts @70% of 1RM with the remaining time
  • WOD B:
    • 40 Kettle Bell Toe Taps
    • Accumulate Kettle Bell Swings @ 2/1.5 pood with the remaining time

The Rules:

  • Members will be divided into 2 groups
  • One group will do WOD A while the other is doing WOD B
  • Rest 3 minutes between WODs befoe swithcing
  • Record total reps accumulated to results for each WOD A and B


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