Wednesday, June 7 WOD

Room 1
Warmup: 15:00 “Tic Tac Toe” – split the class into two teams, use Medballs.
1st round – 10 squats
2nd round- 10 push ups
3rd round – 10 sit ups
4th round – 20 mountain climbers
5th round – 5 Burpees
1 teammate completes the movement and bear crawls the Medball to the grid. Repeat as many times as needed. Winning team runs 200m, Losing team runs 400m.
Buy-In: 5 Sets:
5 Front Squat @73%
3 Strict Weighted Chin Ups
WOD: For Time:
25 Calorie Row
35 Burpees
55 Pull ups
35 Burpees
25 Calorie Row

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