Wednesday, May 2 WOD 050212

Skill: Review the standards for each movement of “Fight Gone Bad”

WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”

With a continuously running clock, perform 3 rounds of the following movements spending 1 minute at each station and 1 minute rest between rounds.  Accumulate as many reps as possible per station during each round.

  • Wall Ball, 20/14lbs
  • Sumo DeadLift HighPull, 75/55lbs
  • Box Jumps, 20″
  • Push-Press, 75/55lbs
  • Row for calories

Scoring: Total reps completed for all 3 rounds.


Results: Name WOD
5:30am Gregg 229rx
Megan 225
Caroline 200rx
7am Andy 194rx
Karen 182rx
Paul 200rx
Jay 292rx
Meredith 156
Kris T. 214rx
Peter 296
Dena 171
5pm Shelly 222
ReRe 200
Ryan 213rx
Json M. 219rx
Dan S. 216rx
Kris O. 260rx
6pm Dan C. 268rx
Justin 285rx
Jenn 201
Gladys 162
Louie n/a
Brody 195rx
Jaime H. 261rx
Heather 211
Merya 194
JT 265rx
7pm Birthday Girl 250rx
Caps 339rx
Tony 175rx
Jamielee 190
Jill T Foundations
Scott H. 216rx
Malaika 218rx
Tamie 145
Jill F. 235rx

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