Wednesday, May 2 WOD

Room 2
Warmup: ‪ ‬2 Rounds:
10/ea Front-Back Leg Swings
5/ea runners lunge with torso twist
20 Lateral high knees
3x 10s Front Squat hold w PVC
2 Rounds: Burgener Warmup w PVC
Buy-In: 6 Sets:
1 Clean DeadLift+ 2 hang squat clean, building to a tough complex
WOD: 3 rounds @ 80% effort:
15 Cal on rower
12 burpees over the erg
10 Hang Power Clean (C: 135/95, P: 115/85, F: 95/65)
-rest 2:00
-Score Fastest and slowest Rounds

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